Creative Classics Inc.
 Books of distinction for 30 years

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Publishing high-end books since 1988 : Creative Classics Inc.


Creative Classics was born 30 years ago with a single mandate: 

Write, publish and market entertaining and informative high-end books.

Our first book, The Wizards Millionaire Magicians of the Vancouver Stock Market’

was launched in the Spring of 1988. Within six months, we hit the Canadian Bestseller List.

For our second book, I traveled south into the USA and wrote The Wizards – Millionaire 

Magicians of the American Dream’. Some of the companies we featured included Paul 

Mitchell Hair Care, Herbalife, Armor All and Mail Boxes, Etc.

Over the next 25 years we wrote and published another 22 books. Quite diverse in nature. 

Some of the titles include:

Gold Rush 28 companies in search of the world's most precious metal

The Unknown Billionaires The life stories of 50 self-made men and women
Above and Beyond the Glass Ceiling 25 women who shattered barriers in the business world
The Green Stocks Investment Book  Earth-friendly companies prospering in the growing movement
The World's Great Luxury Fishing Resorts  In-depth profiles of the finest fishing destination resorts
The World's Finest World-class companies that bring us the finest of life's luxuries