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This book was borne from the simple desire to create something beautiful and timeless for those people who celebrate ‘the good life.’ The search for the companies showcased involved hours traveling through the electronic ether and an almost equal number talking on the telephone.

The selection process for many of the products profiled was actually quite easy. When you think of certain luxury goods, there are landmark names that automatically come to mind – Tiffany for jewelry, Wedgwood for china, Cristal for champagne, Lalique for crystal, Versace for fashion design, and Rolex for watches.

Experience the power of a monstrous king salmon, the thrill of a leaping rainbow trout, the frenzied battle of an Arctic char, and the ferocious fight of a giant Northern pike. And do all this in the style and comfort that is synonymous with luxury living.

The photographs will help whisk you away to the fishing destination of your dreams, as you escape to the Baranof Wilderness Lodge or the West Coast Fishing Club, in the Queen Charlotte Islands. 

The places profiled combine world-class fishing, gourmet cuisine, picturesque landscapes, and first-class resort living. From cover to cover, Michael Caldwell creates a memorable mosaic. 

Legal marijuana is a $5 billion industry, growing at the rate of twenty-seven percent per year-and that's without full-fledged legalization. In this current era of acceptance, new and unique business opportunities abound, and in THE GREAT GREEN GOLD RUSH, co-authors Kathleen Tracy and Michael Caldwell offer readers fifteen case studies that tell the stories of a wide variety of innovators and forward thinkers who are making their entrepreneurial mark in the fastest-growing industry in the United States

The cannabis industry continues to expand at a rapid pace. Americans spent $6.7 billion on recreational and medical cannabis in 2016, a surprisingly large number given that marijuana is illegal in wide swaths of the United States. Cannabis is expected to be legalized across Canada sometime late 2018, with widespread support from Canadian citizens and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This means that the future of cannabis in the US is likely contingent on the effects of legalization in Canada.